Untold Scandal

Seu kaen deul Jo seon nam nyeong sang yeol ji sa

A prologue in this viciously purring Korean comedy of sexual conquest observes of the film's characters, "One is led to doubt whether indeed they existed." Well, one doubts that the smiling land sharks Lord Cho-Won (Bae Yong-Jun) and his cousin Lady Cho (Lee Mi-Sook) cruised the finest homes of 18th-century Korea anyway, since this film uses the Christopher Hampton version of Choderlos de Laclos's "Liaisons Dangereuses" as inspiration. The writer and director E J-Yong has retooled the social context, adding a threat of religious persecution to the material.

The prim, repressed and virginal Lady Chung (Jeon Do-Yeon, in a complex performance), the object of Cho-Won's pursuit, attends Catholic services that have been outlawed. He exploits Lady Chung's underground worship, enjoying the increasing conspiracy. Many of the plot mechanisms from "Liaisons" remain in place for "Untold Scandal." Cho-Won's primary mission is to win bedding privileges from his equally heartless cousin, Lady Cho. To do so, he must seduce and impregnate another virgin, So-oak (So-yeon Lee), before she becomes a concubine.

The director employs the misanthropy and sexual hostility that Mr. Hampton used as a gravitational pull in his "Liaisons," which makes Cho-Won's sudden glimmers of humanity comic and tragic. And the filmmaker makes the story his own with a last section that ties things up with a delectable precision. — Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

*Note : Rated M18 - For Mature Audiences Only

Director: Lee Jae Young
Bae Yoong Joon ... Cho Won
Le Mi Sok ... Lady Cho
Jeon Do Yeon ... Lady Jung
Lee So Yeon ... So oak