Green Chair

Aka: Nok Saek Eui Ja

Korean movie based on a true story, GREEN CHAIR is the first film in four years from controversial director Park Chul-Soo, best known for 301/302, which was, for many years, the only Korean movie you could rent at Kim's Video. Seo Jeong (THE ISLE) plays Kim, a nice 32-year-old woman who's making whoopee with a 19 year old boy, Hyun (first time actor, Shim Ji-ho). Unfortunately for them, 20 is the age of consent in Korea, and she's arrested, sentenced, and locked up. But the second she's finished with her sentence, she makes a beeline back to Hyun (who wouldn't?) and the two shack up for a marathon sex session. Those looking for pervy kicks will be disappointed: while there's plenty of sex on display, the movie is wrapped up in the essential comedy and potential problems inherent in every sex-based relationship, compounded when one partner has to do a little time for it.
*Note : M18 For Mature Audiences Only

Director: Park Chuk Soo

Seo Jeong ... Kim
Shim Jin Ho ... Hyun